An Interview with Sly Outdoors

Sergio "Sly" Varelas is a Marine Veteran, husband, and father who loves photography and the outdoors.

An Interview with Sly Outdoors
Sergio patrolling somewhere in the Al Anbar Governorate, Iraq. He served Honorably in the USMC.

I enjoyed catching up with my friend Sergio "Sly" Varelas a few days ago. We ate some delicious pupusas and reminisced about a few things.

Before driving to San Jose for a physical therapy appointment, I reached him on Instagram with the odd request for an interview. He agreed to meet me at one of my favorite Salvadoran spots in San Jose. Since it was an impromptu interview, I used my phone to record the interview, so please excuse the poor audio quality.

Sergio "Sly" Varelas

Sergio is a Marine Veteran, husband, and father of three who loves the outdoors. I helped Sergio create his website, Sly Outdoors.

I have known Sly for many years. We both worked as security officers on the graveyard shift at Mountain View, California's biggest search engine company.

Sergio and I worked together for a long time until we had to part ways for better opportunities.

For all things nature, follow his professional account at @slysphotography!


Here is my first Nelly Eggsy interview. It was an impromptu interview. It's very informal and personal. Remember, he is a long-time good friend of mine, so the tone of the discussion is that of friends.

Follow Sly Outdoors on Instagram if you love fishing, hiking, and camping!

Editor's note:
I had this article as a draft for over two years. I wouldn't publish it until I had re-recorded the interview correctly. However, the "as-is" recording makes it more accurate and relatable. If I interview Sly in the future, I'll make it a documentary-style video interview.

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