Days Gone: A Game Review

Days Gone's narrative is not just a story; it's an immersive and unique experience.

Days Gone: A Game Review
A Jefferson Airlines Flight carrying Red Cross supplies crashed before reaching the Farewell Airport in Oregon.

Days Gone is an action-adventure survival horror game developed by Bend Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Initially released in April 2019 exclusively for the PlayStation 4, the game features an open-world, post-apocalyptic version of the Pacific Northwest.

Here is a detailed overview of various critical aspects of Days Gone:


The game's narrative follows Deacon St. John, a US Army Combat Veteran and former 1%er outlaw turned drifter and bounty hunter, as he navigates a world ravaged by a global pandemic that infected and transformed most of humanity into zombie-like creatures known as Freakers. Deacon is searching for answers about the fate of his wife, Sarah, who may still be alive in the dangerous wilderness.

Deacon is a US Army and 10th Mountain Division Combat Veteran. Just like me!


The game's open-world environment is one of its standout features. The Pacific Northwest is depicted in stunning detail, featuring diverse landscapes such as dense forests, abandoned towns, highways, and snowy mountain regions. The dynamic weather and day-night cycle contribute to the immersive experience.

I stopped to check out a roadside memorial when a cougar suddenly attacked me.


Days Gone combines third-person action, stealth, and survival elements. Players control Deacon as he navigates the open world on his motorcycle, a crucial aspect of the game for exploration, combat, and evasion. The bike requires maintenance, fuel, and upgrades, adding a layer of realism and strategic planning.

The Freakers are the primary antagonists; their behavior changes depending on the time of day and weather conditions. Hordes of Freakers can be massive and present a significant challenge, requiring careful planning and resource management. Do not engage a horde if you're not prepared to face them!

Deacon finds a Screamer at the Old Pioneer Cemetery NERO Checkpoint.

Freakers are humans infected with the "Freaker Virus." Yeah, not a very clever name, but it is what it is. As stated above, they are the antagonistic force and catalyst for events in Days Gone. There are many types of Freakers. I won't go on to list them as I think you should play the game and find out their attributes on your own. Oh, and there are also infected animals as well. The Days Gone world is alive and trying to kill you! Much like Australia, am I right?

Reachers are fast and hard to kill.

Uninfected humans can sometimes be more dangerous than the Freakers. There are different human factions. Some of them are survivors, and some of them are raiders, and even worse, some of them are cultists trying to kill you. You can use the environment in your favor to deal with the bad guys. You can lure a Freaker swarm or horde to them. You can also have a Rager Bear or cougar chase you into an enemy camp to help dispose of the baddies and save ammo and resources.

The game incorporates a dynamic weather system that affects both gameplay and the behavior of the Freakers. Rain can make surfaces slippery, affecting motorcycle handling, while snow slows movement. The day-night cycle also influences the types and behavior of enemies. Just like in real life, daytime makes things easier. The game's landscape looks beautiful on boy day and night time.

I tricked a Breaker into a Ripper scouting camp. I also dropped my bike in the river.

Survival aspects include scavenging for resources, crafting items, and managing inventory. Players need to be mindful of their health, stamina, and ammunition, as well as the condition of their motorcycle. Maintenance of your bike is mandatory!

Your motorcycle is your everything! It's your lifeline.


Days Gone's narrative is not just a story; it's an immersive experience that unfolds through main story missions, side quests, and environmental storytelling.

Deacon's character development through interactions with other survivors and exploring themes of loss, hope, and survival will keep you engaged throughout the game. By the way, Writer/Director John Garvin wrote the Days Gone story and the story for 1999's Syphon Filter, one of my favorite games of all time. Respect! 🫡

The game map will expand as you progress through the missions and storylines.

Technical Aspects:

Days Gone is a visual and auditory treat showcasing the technical prowess of the PlayStation 4. The game features detailed character models, realistic environments, and remarkable weather effects. The sound design adds to the immersive experience with dynamic audio that responds to the environment and situational changes, leaving you impressed with the game's technical aspects.

... the world comes for you...

I played "Surrounded," the first challenge of the Challenges DLC released by Bend Studios.

John Garvin, the writer/director for Days Gone, replied to me on Twitter (now X).


Upon its release, the game garnered a mix of reviews. While many critics praised its engaging open-world, dynamic weather, and tense encounters with Freaker hordes, some critics pointed out technical issues, pacing problems, and a derivative storyline as drawbacks. However, it's important to note that the game has a dedicated fan base, and subsequent updates have addressed some of these initial concerns.

Most critics didn't play the game and jumped on the hate bandwagon. Directors John Garvin, Jeff Ross, and Bend Studio created something special with Days Gone. Days Gone deserves more love than it got!

Photo Mode:

Days Gone boasts a unique and robust photo mode, a feature that sets it apart from other games. This mode empowers players to capture breathtaking in-game moments and personalize their photos with various tools and filters. I took many pictures using Photo Mode, which you can see below. But first, let's delve into some of the standout features of the Days Gone Photo Mode:

  1. Camera Controls: In the Days Gone photo mode, players are not just spectators; they are directors. They have complete control over the in-game camera, allowing them to adjust the position, angle, and zoom to capture the perfect shot just as they envision it.
  2. Filters and Effects: The photo mode includes a variety of filters and effects that you can apply to enhance the mood and atmosphere of the photo.
  3. Depth of Field: Players can adjust the depth of field to focus on specific objects or characters in the scene while blurring out the background.
  4. Frame and Border Options: The Days Gone photo mode allows players to add a personal touch to their photos. Players can make their in-game memories their own with a selection of frames and borders.
  5. Time of Day Control: The photo mode allows players to change the time of day in the game world, enabling them to capture shots in different lighting conditions.
  6. Poses and Expressions: Players can manipulate the characters' poses and expressions to create dynamic and engaging compositions.
  7. Sharing: Once a photo has been captured and edited to the player's liking, you can easily share it with friends and the gaming community through social media or other platforms.

Overall, Photo Mode in Days Gone provides players a creative tool to capture and share their adventures in the game's post-apocalyptic world. It adds an extra layer of immersion and personalization to the gameplay experience.

Everything you need to know about Days Gone’s feature-heavy Photo Mode
Bend Studio reveals the mode’s extensive options ahead of next month’s launch

Jeff Ross wrote an article on the official PlayStation blog about the game's Photo Mode.

Days Gone Photo Mode Screenshots:
I took all screenshots using the Share feature on my PlayStation 4 Pro. I originally posted these images on my Twitter account. As for the videos, I recorded them using PS4 Pro's Share feature, which allowed me to upload them directly to my YouTube account. So, please follow me on Twitter and ahem X, and subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Which Photo Mode gallery did you like the best? Let me know in a comment!

Final Thoughts:

In summary, Days Gone offers a compelling open-world experience with a mix of survival, action, and narrative elements, set against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest infested with Freakers.

I've extensively played and beat the games and found something new each time!

Days Gone is a must-play video game. I played it on a PS4 Pro, and it looked amazing. I also bought Days Gone on Steam, which looks even better!

You'll love this game, especially if you are familiar with Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. You can tell John Garvin, Jeff Ross, and everyone who worked on this game poured their hearts and souls into making it a masterpiece, which it is.

Get it and play it immediately! Explore its open world. It truly feels alive! 👍

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