The Geekgasm Social Network

Geekgasm is a social network made up of people just like you!

The Geekgasm Social Network
Screenshot of the Geekgasm activity news feed page.

I am a busy person. Between my professional and personal life, there isn't much free time. Whenever I have spare time, I often create content like this post, play video games, and work on my online projects.


I have always wanted to create a social network site. So, I made Geekgasm.

Geekgasm has many social features like status updates, user-created blogs, groups, forums, etc. It features a store where users can purchase goods.

I used my Samsung Galaxy Note8 to take screenshots of different Geekgasm pages.

Members can earn awards and points for using the site and simply posting updates, liking content, and inviting others to join.

Geekgasm also allows you to create a WordPress-powered website. You can have your site as a subdomain ( or add your domain name ( Pretty neat, huh?

Why create yet another social network?

I wanted to create a place where my family and friends could join and interact with each other. They will become my core members and eventually help the site grow by inviting their friends and family members to sign up for it. Hopefully, this will create a chain reaction, and new members will do the same for their friends and family.

What's up with the name?

According to Wiktionary, the etymology for "geekgasm" is a combination of the words "geek" and "-gasm." It is slang for intense excitement or pleasure over something geeky. It is synonymous with "nerdgasm."

I remember hearing Mark Meer say during an interview many years ago that he had a geekgasm when he met Jennifer Hale. From then on, the word just got stuck in my mind. One day, I decided to see if the domain name was available. It wasn't. It was for sale by the owner for about $6K. I wouldn't spend that kind of money on a domain name. I used the GoDaddy Domain Broker Service to try to obtain the domain name. I waited many years and managed to acquire it reasonably cheaply.

However, before getting the domain name, I managed to nag the @geekgasm Twitter handle from someone who had it. "How," may you ask? I asked him if it was okay if I could have it, and he said yes. He gave it to me. Free of charge.

Ready to check it out? Don't forget to tell me what you think about it!

Geekgasm ยป A daily spurt of geek!
Geekgasm Social Network provides you with a daily spurt of geek! Geekgasm is a brand-new social network site made up of people who are not new to the internet.

Geekgasm is a work in progress and should be considered beta. Some things may not be working as expected. I will begin inviting family and friends soon.

Want an invitation to sign up for Geekgasm?

Send me an email or message on the forum, and I'll email you an invitation!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post about Geekgasm. ๐Ÿ˜˜

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