Ah, my Naughty Tesla!

For the first time, I'm having a weird issue with my Tesla Model 3.

Ah, my Naughty Tesla!
Meet Naughty Tesla, my late 2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range.

I haven't had many issues with my late 2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range. If I could repurchase the car, I would. I love it and recommend it to anyone who asks my opinion. Anyway. Today, I will list all the issues I've had with my car so far.

Naughty Tesla is Officially Born! ⋆ Naughty Tesla
Today I met with Joe at OCDetailing in Fremont, California, to pick up Naughty Tesla. Seeing my car again brought me joy instantly!

Naughty Tesla is a late 2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range.

Naughty Tesla

I named my car Naughty Tesla and created a website for it. Why not? Visit the Naughty Tesla and read some of my reviews, tips, and unboxing posts:

Naughty Tesla
Naughty Tesla brings product unboxing, reviews, and daily tips and tricks.

Check out the Naughty Tesla website.

I am happy to say I have had no issues with the car, which is good. I purchased my Model 3 Long Range late in 2020. I was lucky to get it delivered reasonably quickly at the Freemont Plant without any issues. Sadly, that changed today.

Window and Touchscreen Issue

Today, I had and still have a weird issue with my car. When I parked to wait for my son to exit the school, I noticed my vehicle was unlocked and not latched. I bushed it off as if I had opened it. I watched YouTube videos and grabbed a bottle of water from the trunk.

After grabbing a water bottle, I sat back inside the car and watched YouTube videos. My son arrived and entered the vehicle, and we drove home.

Once home, I exited the car and closed the door as usual. The door bounced back, with the glass trembling a bit. That puzzled me. Then I noticed the touchscreen flickering in and out before going black briefly and flashing again. It kept doing that. That's the first time this has happened to me. Then I saw itβ€”a sizeable ding on the window trimming. I have paid a lot of money to do a Chrome delete. Even the Tesla logos got the chrome delete treatment. More on that below.

The window damaged the window trim and exposed the raw bare metal.
Here is a different angle of the damage made by the glass window. 

Oh, how my heart stopped. It felt as if it physically hurt me. At least, that is how it felt upon seeing the damage. After all, I always try to park my car inside the garage. And when outside, I always park it in the shade and away from other vehicles. I stared at it for a long moment.

Tesla Service Appointment

After watching the flickering touchscreen and the window going up and down, I started recording a few show videos of the touchscreen and the windows and took photos of the damaged window trim. I would then use my pictures to make a service call request. I uploaded the video clips to YouTube and marked them as "Unlisted," as I am "just using "them for the request call. That may change depending on Tesla's response.

Tesla'sa Tesla Service Appointment after taking a few photos and videos.

You can watch the videos I made below. Don't mind how messy Don'tarage is! 😊

Moments after realizing what had happened.

I was rambling about the damage the window glass did to the trim.

I am watching the faulty touchscreen and the window.

I went back later to see if the problem went away. No, it didn't.

I was expecting a Mobile Service appointment. However, I must go to a Tesla Service Center this time. I'm glad I know a workaround for closing the window and preventing further damage to my car. I hope my door doesn't open unexpectedly while it doesn't.

Tesla Mobile Service Appointments ⋆ Naughty Tesla
A Tesla Mobile Service technician paid a visit to our beloved Model 3 today. It was convenient, easy, and painless.

The Tesla Mobile Service Appointment is a convenient service offered by Tesla.

Naughty Tesla, my baby.

Now, I babysat my vehicle and didn't slam the doors. How much did"I "b" by" my car? $11K. Yes, I paid $11K to have the wheels power coated, all the windows tinted to 40%, chrome deleted, and film paint protection for the entire car. So, yes, I will take care of my caIt'st's an (expensive) investmenit'st's all.

OCDetailing made this video of Naughty Tesla getting the OCD Treatment.

Naughty Tesla Presents OCDetailing ⋆ Naughty Tesla
OCDetailing offers a wide range of ceramic coating and paint protection film services to help maintain your vehicle’s perfect finish.

Learn how I tried protecting my car from the elements.

OCDetailing Works On Naughty Tesla ⋆ Naughty Tesla
A video of behind the scenes of OCDetailing working on Naughty Tesla. OCDetailing worked hard to have Naughty Tesla looking gorgeous!

OCDetailing treats Naughty Tesla.

The paint-protection film has protected my car from the many hazards of the road.

I've driven Naughty Tesla everywhere. I've been to California and Utah, all without issues.

Want to know more about my Naughty Tesla? Visit the site right now!