Need a site? Let's talk about it!

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Need a site? Let's talk about it!
I created the Lupe Parga and Sean Allen for Sheriff sites as a token of appreciation for both Lupe and Sean.

Creating a website is no easy task, especially if the person requesting the site has no idea what they want or what is involved.

When I tell people I make websites, they often say something like, "Cool, me too. I make Facebook pages." or "I am a Facebook Group admin." Although creating a successful Facebook page or group can benefit businesses, building a site is more daunting. Before even starting with the project at hand, there is a lot of brainstorming and research.

I don't take work often. When I do, I usually do it for free as a token of appreciation for something I feel I owe that person. Below are some of the projects I am working on for other people. I work on these sites whenever I can. As a new father to a toddler, I do not have much free time.

Lupe Parga

Lupe Parga offers tax services for the San Jose area. She also has a two-truck company that serves Santa Clara County.

Lupe Parga – The Bay Area’s Best Tax Service
Do you need to do your taxes and live in the Bay Area? Check out Lupe Parga's website!

Sean Allen

I created Sean Allen for Sheriff in support of Sean Allen. He is running for Sheriff of the County of Santa Clara in California.

Sean Allen for Sheriff
Welcome to the official website for Sean Allen, a Sheriff candidate for Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office. It’s time for a new Sheriff!
Sean Allen is running for Sheriff of Santa Clara County in California.

Software, Security, Domain Names, and Social Media

I used WordPress as the content management system for both sites. WP has an easy-to-use interface and has been available for ages.

For Sean Allen, I set up automatic updates for the Sheriff. The site also automatically performs daily file and database backups. Automatic updates and backups are in place because if people are less acquainted with WordPress and unintentionally break the site, I can revert to the latest backup. For most drafts, I often have one saved draft. However, for "clients," we "sites" have this as default.

I registered both domain names and immediately created mockup sites to show Lupe and Sean what a website could do for them.

I wrote the content shown on both sites. I usually populate the site with dummy content and then replace it with real and meaningful content. The dummy content shows the client what the site can look like with text and image content.

Sean Allen saw results within days. He began receiving phone calls, instant messages, and emails days after I made the site, Facebook page, and his webmail account. He was impressed by how fast people found the site and Facebook page. I informed him that news websites linked (pinging) to his biography page.

For Sean Allen for Sheriff, I created all his social media accounts. I made his profile pictures, header images, and his business card. I visited his home more than once, and he visited me to discuss the site. You can't do this by texting and emailing for a campaign site. You need to explain what and how I can accomplish something to the person. It's good to discuss things in person to see if I achieve their goals. Sometimes, clients have no idea what they want. Luckily for them, I've been working and making websites since 2004.

I host both sites on my central server, which hosts many other sites.

I often check with Lupe and Sean to see if they want me to add new pages or features. I am always open to feedback; hearing what people say about your work is excellent. Both sites are far from finished and are constantly evolving.

Other Projects

Check out some of my other work here:

Are you looking for someone to make you a website?

Look no further! I can make you a site like the ones I mentioned above.

I create using Open-Sorce and commercial solutions, such as WordPress, Ghost, Discourse, XenForo, Invison Community, phpBB, and many more!

Please leave me a forum comment below to discuss your future project. Thanks!


I've been working and making websites since 2004.

As of Monday, March 14, 2022, at 8:00 AM, I am no longer the Sean Allen for Sheriff website administrator or designer. I will not go into details about why. However, I'm still providing the domain name, hosting for the site, and limited technical support. I'm also supplying Sean with social media tips.

One more thing...

It suffices to say that I will no longer make free websites or content for friends or acquaintances. It is best to keep things professional and business-like. 🙂