Our Brand

Learn all about the Nelly Eggsy brand.

Our Brand
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I want to build an easily recognizable and trusted brand. I hired my long-time graphic designer and friend, José Casal, who developed the official Nelly Eggsy logo, logomark, logotype, typography, and colors.

Logo and Logomark

Our logo features the words "NELLY EGGSY" and our logotype above it, while the words "CONTENT CREATOR" are written under "NELLY EGGSY."

The Nelly Eggsy logo (left) and the NE logotype (right).

The logotype features a big triangle pointing to the right, representing the "play" button on a media player. The smaller triangle pointing down represents the tip of a pencil or pen. The two semi-circles represent sound waves. The logotype also resembles a bullhorn facing the left, emitting sound.

Typography and Brand Colors

Nelly Eggsy's logo uses the fonts Futura PT and Jost. White on black is considered the preferred color scheme. However, the logo and logotype can be used on various backgrounds, as shown in the images above. Below are the official Hex colors for Nelly Eggsy.

Typography and colors.

Final Thoughts

Nelly Eggsy is a constantly evolving project of mine. I usually do a brand refresh every few years to keep things fresh. I am pretty happy with the result. I think José did an outstanding job with developing our branding. It was a team effort, as I had the vision for the logotype, and he designed it.