Pháo - 2 Phút Hơn (KAIZ Remix)

2 Phút Hơn is one of the latest viral sensations on TikTok.

Pháo - 2 Phút Hơn (KAIZ Remix)
My firstborn was obsessed with this song!

Surpassing 5 million video creations, the #zerotwodance to record' 2 Phút Hơn' is one of the latest viral sensations on TikTok.

This quick, euphoric track with nods to vibrant arcade sounds and an incredibly catchy chorus hook took the social media platform by storm. As 2020 drew to a close, KAIZ's remix of '2 Phút Hơn' by Vietnamese rapper Pháo (Nguyen Dieu Huyen) sparked fascination thanks to its reference to a well-known anime dance featuring the fictional anime character Zero Two.

Quick Translation

What do the words "2 Phút Hơn" mean? It translates to "2 Minutes More."

Anime Dance

Zero Two, also known as Code:002 or 9',℩ is a fictional character in Darling in the Franxx, a Japanese science fiction romance and action anime series. She was designed as the most prominent character and icon of the series.

Zero Two jumping.
Zero Two jumping.

TikTok Dance

The trend originated in China when TikTokers began mimicking the dance. The song and the associated clip of Zero Two appeared in popular memes.

Zero Two TikTok dance.
Zero Two dancing.