Welcome to my official portfolio page! Here you'll find a list of my creations. Please note that I work on multiple projects simultaneously, so some may be unfinished or at their early stages. Thank you for understanding! πŸ™‚

Geekgasm Network

The following websites are part of my social network, Geekgasm.

Geekgasm Social Network provides you with a daily spurt of geek! It’s a new social network made up of people who are not new to the internet.
Geekgasm is a social network platform I am working on.

Alan Wake Fan

Alan Wake Fan is a Geekgasm subsite about the Alan Wake franchise.

Alan Wake Fan
Alan Wake Fan x Geekgasm: Escape the Darkness by following the Light!
Alan Wake Fan is now part of Geekgasm.

Awesome Vets

Awesome Vets is a website dedicated to all military veterans.

Awesome Vets
Awesome Vets - Created for Veterans by Combat Veterans
As a Combat Veteran, I wanted to create a community forum for other veterans.

Resident Evil Fanboy

Resident Evil Fanboy is a fansite about the Resident Evil franchise.

Resident Evil Fanboy
A site for Resident Evil (BioHazard) fans.