Referrals Links

Referrals Links
Photo by Tamanna Rumee / Unsplash

Nelly Eggsy participates in multiple referral links for the services we use.

What is a referral link? A referral link, also known as an affiliate link, is a URL that allows a company to promote its products or web content. It contains the affiliate ID that tracks how visitors arrive at a website.

The main point of referral links and programs is to convert visitors into customers—kind of how we want our readers to become subscribers.

Below is a list of referral links to tools and services we have had great experiences with and that our friends and family recommend. Feel free to click the buttons to access special deals and discounts through our referral links. Sharing is caring, am I right? Associates Program

We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for our site to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products.


Autonomous engineers products that enable you to energize your ideas and bring them to life. Our Autonomous referral link is:

What I purchased from Autonomous

I bought a black SmartDesk Core for $399. It's an essential standing desk for all-day productivity and increased well-being.

The SmartDesk Core dimensions are 53" x 29" Classic, Black, Core frame.

The SmartDesk Core now costs $499.

What we get for referring you

We earn up to $150 credit by referring our friends. We get rewarded whenever you purchase via our referral link or code, and you save money, too.

Apply this referral code at our check-out page to get discounted: R-37eedb


We host our website, which is powered by Ghost and Discourse, on DigitalOcean.

Everyone we refer to DigitalOcean gets $100 in credit over 60 days. Once they've spent $25 with us, we get $25. Our DigitalOcean referral link is:

DigitalOcean Referral Badge